Product Features

We've designed Veritasq for teams who work on projects that require a real plan (consultants, software vendors, independent contractors). If your project is defined by time, scope, budget and resources, we invite you to try out Veritasq for free.

We bet you will love it!


Why use Veritasq?

Ever wonder why keeping track of work is such a hassle? Even in this day and age? Well, it shouldn't be! Veritasq is the first, true management tool that gives you the power to engage your team and stay on top of your work. A tool that isn't bloated by every feature under the sun, but anything it does, it does exceedingly well. A tool that will turn you into a hero!

Build out your projects the way you want using the project tree. A simple, clean way to show everyone what needs to get done.


Plan & Collaborate

Projects need structure. The Veritasq tree-view creates a structure everyone can understand and follow easily.
  • Organize projects the way YOU want
  • Invite your team to collaborate on your projects
  • Quickly add, group and arrange your tasks
  • See updates in real time as your team makes changes

Visualize & Track

A picture is worth a million words... Paint a picture of your projects that ensures your team is on the same page.
  • Drag and drop tasks
  • Create dependencies
  • Extend and shorten timelines
  • Zoom in or out to get the view you want

Summarize & Report

Instantly get status for all your teammates and your projects.
  • Always know the progress of your projects
  • Find out if anything is falling behind
  • Find out what has changed since you were last online
  • Simplify your reporting process
  • Find out how many items are being worked on, complete etc.

Resource View

See all your resources and their work distribution in a glance. Balancing your team's workload has never been simpler.
  • View your team's assignments across multiple projects.
  • Evaluate workload distribution and re-assign tasks from a single screen.
  • Quickly identify resource overload and potential over-allocation risks.


Work on as many projects as you like... at the same time!
  • Use tabbed browsing to separate your projects
  • Stay uncluttered in your work
  • Open multiple projects at the same time

Stay Informed

Get instant notifications on progress by your team, and for any changes that affect your work.
  • Stay aware of every change
  • Notes to communicate with your team
  • History Audit trail for all changes in your projects
  • Ensure accountability in your team

Add Rich Details to Your Tasks

  • Add rich, detailed descriptions to your tasks, or use quick notes to communicate
  • Collaborative system means everyone sees updates in real time
  • Define who will be responsible for what items and by when
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